a dream of queer love and tenderness, 2018

Materials: Army cotton, screen printed procion dyes, screen printed pigments, found fabric

an exploration of the color pink, each word in this sentence of desire comes from research around historical and cultural connotations of pink.


Pink has associations with dream-like imagery or images of the ideal, such as “seeing the world through rose-colored glasses”

Pink is also most often seen at sunrise and sunset, arguably the most surreal times of day, as well as the most fleeting.


Since the Holocaust, when Hitler forced queer people to wear an upside down pink triangle patch, the color pink has held connotations with queerness

In Russia, pink has a specific connection to lesbians.


Pink is often associated with the feeling of love, likely in relation to Valentine's Day, but also because of the physical reaction of blushing, not to mention the erotic connotation with the mouth and vagina having pink or red hues.


Pink has a connotation of softness and fragility like delicate roses and cherry blossoms, as well as a softness in connection with childhoods innocent tenderness.

Pink is also connected to the literal tenderness of meats.

A dream of queer.jpg