My work focuses in intersections of color theory, queer theory, textiles, and garment and book making. I once read a John Berger quote which said, “could it be that red is the only colour continually asking for a body?” and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. Red is not the only color seeking a body, they all are. Because of my own obsession with color and the meanings I have attached to them, I make interactive work that examines the ways we feel and act through the requirement of a gesture: Hold Hands in This, Let Go In This. These garments act as a vessel for experience, utilizing the memory that cloth can hold. Cloth remembers touch; knees rubbed raw and open, sleeves caked with sweat and dirt, tears from fingers pulling on and off each morning and night. The cloth is a document of this experience, it’s a memory archive. The wearables I create encourage these actions to create tangible feelings. I want to wear these feeling on my skin, and wear my heart on my sleeve.

As a person, I highly identify with the vibrancy, creativity, and motion of the color yellow.