I am in love with cloth. I am in love with the memory of it. It's hard to explain this infatuation with a medium, except that it's like an obsession. Reflected in the obsessive and repetitive techniques I find myself coming back to (weaving, printing a repeat pattern, sewing stitches over and over). Maybe repetition began the obsession. Maybe the obsession is repetition. Cloth remembers repetition; knees rubbed raw and open, sleeves caked with sweat and dirt, tears from fingers pulling on and off each morning and night. The cloth is a document of this experience, it’s a memory archive.

I create interactive garments that utilize this memory of cloth and use it as a vessel for experience. These wearables encourage an action to create tangible feelings, using color as a visual connector to process this motion of emotion. I want to wear these feeling on my skin, and wear my heart on my sleeve.