California clay mining bureau, 2016-Ongoing

Materials: California grown hemp, Lincoln clay dye, Lincoln clay

The California Clay Mining Bureau was founded in October 2016 by Rosa Novak and Elizabeth Hohimer. These uniforms were constructed working in direct contact with both founders of the California Clay Mining Bureau, and initiated a connection and eventual induction into the Bureau in November 2016. 

A quote from Rosa Novak's (a founding member) website: "The objective of the California Clay Mining Bureau is to create each object or tool needed to dig clay. These objects (hardhats, shovels, buckets, uniforms) will be made from clay the bureau digs. Considerations within this process include utility, land use, production, clay, progress, construction, causality dilemma and causal fallacies (ie. circular cause and consequence and magical thinking), patience and time." See more of Rosa's work here

Clay tools by Rosa Novak, clay dyeing by Elizabeth Hohimer, uniforms constructed by Maya Gulassa, letterhead by Michelle Black, cinematography by Brendan Page, exhibition platform construction by Kjetil Smedal.

All contracted work completed by invitation and on a work-trade basis.