AP Art Show, 2014

Sustainability Project shown at Atomic Garden, Fall 2015

CCA Textiles Show, 2015

Sustainability Project shown at Atomic Garden, Spring 2016

Indigo dyed dresses shown at Smithsonian for collaboration project with CCA and Atomic Garden, 2016

Craft As Social Justice group show, Fall 2016

Text-Tales: the Narrativity of Cloth, CCA Textiles show Spring 2017

Heads, Tails, and Spines CCA bookarts show, Spring 2017

Silent Liaisons, CCA Ceramics show, Fall 2017

All College Honors, CCA group show, Fall 2017

Indi-visible-lines, CCA individualized program show, Fall 2017

Design Work: 

Textile sold with Sisters Gulassa 2012

Design Assistant for Susan Abplanalp Summer 2016

Comissioned clay dyed two piece for Rosa Novak's Senior Thesis Show 

Design Assistant for Emily Sue Payne, 2017-ongoing


Rian Phin Cool Things I Liked This WeekFebruary 2017

30+ articles and features on The Pulp Zine 2013-2015

Circle of Friends Pop-Up Shop, October 2017